Monday, February 29, 2016

American Symbols

We learned about American symbols in kindergarten last week. We covered the basics, such as the American flag, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, etc. First, we watched a Brain Pop Jr. on the American symbols. Then, we used this great packet from TPT.

Lastly, on Friday, after learning about each of the symbols, I put my class in groups of 2-3. I assigned each group a symbol. They had to work together to draw a picture of it and think of 3 facts about their symbol, such as where it is, what it symbolizes, and other interesting things about it. We used an app that I just got called Chatterpix. Very kid- friendly. The group took a picture of their drawing, then they can talk on top of their picture with a little mouth moving. Here are two of our little videos that we made.