Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Shape Scavenger Hunt
After learning about our shapes and the characteristics of each, we went on a shape scavenger hunt around the school and outside of our building. I was the photographer and the kids would find the shapes. When the pictures got developed, we made a class book that the kids enjoyed reading when in our classroom library.
*Beware because the kids will start finding shapes everywhere now! When walking down the hall looking at the same old things, suddenly the children's eyes have been opened and they are finding all kinds of shapes!

Making Shapes
When talking about the characteristics of shapes, make some out of play dough and straws. You can talk about how many points (play dough balls) and sides (straws) shapes have. Circles and ovals are hard to do with this, but you can do squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, trapezoids, and diamonds easily.

Shape Bingo
All kids love bingo, especially if there is a prize involved! Have different shapes on the bingo cards, but make the calling cards describe the shapes, then the kids have to figure out which one to cover. A little more difficult.
For example, your calling card could say, "This shape has 4 sides and looks like a kite." (Kids would cover the diamond.)

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