Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper plate game

Student made game- Use 3 paper plates to have a double-sided game. (Use 2 paper plates if your just doing one-sided.) Have children fold the paper plate in half, then cut into 2 of the paper plates like an X to the inner circle. Glue the uncut paper plate in between the two cut plates on the edges only. Use coin clipart for children to cut out heads and tails of each coin, then glue on the flaps. I use one side for heads and one side for tails. Under each flap, have what the coin is and what it is worth. I have this already typed out for the kids to use. It's hard for some kids to write that small.

To play game: The students have to say what each coin is and what it is worth. Then they open the flap and look under it to self-check themselves.

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