Sunday, August 28, 2011

Literacy Stations- Week 1

Literacy Stations went well the first week. I did not start reading groups yet. This week I was just walking around and monitoring. Since we spent a week talking/ learning about these stations, I feel like the children know what I expect of them. If I saw a student playing at a station, I immediately put them in a 2 minute time out. This only happened a once or twice, but I am giving no warnings. I would like for them to learn that I mean business right away instead of dealing with these behaviors when I have to start reading groups.

This is my magnet station. I have it on my closet door. I got the activity from Lakeshore. Children match uppercase and lowercase letters. I have put the letters on the door for them to look at in case they do not know letters yet.

Pocket Chart Station- Matching names to pictures. On our word wall, the first thing I do is put up each child's name and picture. They can reference the word wall to help them do this activity.

File Folder Station Game #1- Matching lowercase letters to uppercase.
File Folder Station- Game #2- Putting the letters in order

Overhead Station- Partners play game to cover all letters on a certain transparency.

Library Station- Children can choose a book to read quietly. I also have an alphabet poster next to this station where children can play with their partners to name letters.

ABC Station- This game set is from Lakeshore. Children are matching uppercase/ lowercase.

Leap Frog Station- I received a class set of Tag Readers and books/game boards from a grant 2 years ago. The kids love them and all the books are familiar titles.

Computer Station- Children will work on the letter pages on Starfall.

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