Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little People, Big Dreams

In February when talking about President's Day, we pretend what we would do if we were presidents. First, I draw their silhouette's on black construction paper by having then stand in front of the overhead projector so that I can see the shadow of their face. They cut it out. In the little bubble, it says...If I were President, I would... (kids fill in the rest).

Some examples my kids had were:
I would make sure all the cities stay clean.
I would help every kid to read.
I would put my face on the quarter.
I would give money kid's hospitals so that doctors could find cures for cancer.
I would make there be no guns or knives.
I would make sure everyone had a place to live.

I also made a video with all the kids saying what they would do and posted it to my class webpage. They liked being able to show their parents at home what they were doing.

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